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Axis harvesting was born from Ivan Doake experiencing first-hand challenges sourcing mushroom harvesters.  In 1992, with a background in engineering and now with over 40 years mushroom industry experience, Ivan had the foresight to replace traditional harvesting and develop an automated mushroom harvesting solution which can be retrofitted or installed on a new build farm.

This led to the original Mushroom Processing Unit (MPU) being sold in UK/Ireland in the early 2000’s.

Together with his son Alan, Axis Technology and Development ltd was established in 2013.  A major investment in research and development has been made to further develop the original Mushroom Processing Unit which has been transformed to incorporate a harvesting conveyor and now provides a complete harvesting solution.

Further to considerable testing in a commercial environment by a Canadian client in 2019, we now have installed our system throughout a new build farm in Canada, harvesting approx. 80-90 tonnes of mushrooms per week.

Harvesting Conveyor features

AXIS Harvesting Mushroom Lifters

Harvesting Conveyor

The unique harvesting conveyor transports the mushroom to the Mushroom Processing Unit.

Harvesting Conveyor and lifting system can be installed to any Dutch Shelving System (and incorporated to other harvesting bed types).

Harvesting conveyor can be raised to facilitate harvesting on multiple levels.  Currently the system is operational on six level high Dutch Shelving.

The system is scalable as your facility expands.

Facilitates filling/emptying of compost from shelving as the harvesting conveyor safely locks into its top locking position to allow sufficient space for filling head / winch etc.

Unique Mushroom Holding Fingers

The harvester selects the mushroom and places it onto mushroom holding finger

Mushroom holding finger transports the mushroom to the Mushroom Processing Unit (MPU)

Mushroom holding fingers can accommodate mushrooms from 17mm – 85mm

AXIS Mushroom on Fingers

Maintain the quality of your mushrooms with the AXIS Harvesting Mushroom Processing unit

Mushroom Processing Unit Key Features

AXIS Harvesting Mushroom Background


The Mushroom Processing Unit selects mushrooms from the holding fingers for processing.

Mushrooms are automatically graded by size.  Operator can either configure Mushroom Processing Unit to grade from button to large cup i.e., 17-70mm+, or for graze harvesting i.e., 50-55mm mushrooms across all six punnet sizes.

Punnet Weighing

Each punnet is individually weighed and ejected once the pre-set weight is achieved.

Punnet sizes can be changed to accommodate most major punnet suppliers.

Punnet weights can be altered by the user-friendly colour touch screen interface.

Mushroom Processing Unit can utilize up to six different punnet sizes at any time.

Punnet magazine holds approximately 600 punnets.

AXIS Harvesting Conveyors can be installed in most room configurations.

AXIS Harvesting Benefits

AXIS Harvesting Mushroom Processing Unit
  • Mushroom Processing Unit can be moved between harvesting conveyors to facilitate crop rotation and increase return on investment.
  • Mushroom Processing Unit pick rate of 135 pieces per minute is easily and consistently achieved with 2 harvesters on one harvesting conveyor.
  • Speed of harvesting conveyor can be increased to facilitate additional harvesters
  • Speed of harvesting conveyor can be altered to match harvester speed i.e., for harvester training or for competent harvester – some harvesters are consistently harvesting over 100kg per hour utilizing our system.
  • The Axis Harvesting Solution can increase user productivity by typically 250- 300% but we have seen increases of up to 400% over traditional harvesting methods.

Bulk Processing Unit

  • Bulk Mushroom Processing Unit is also available which can utilise cardboard boxes, European Crates or trays i.e., 5lb tray.
  • No modifications required to existing AXIS Harvesting Conveyors to accommodate the Bulk Processing Unit.

Cut, weigh and pack a 5lb in under 50 seconds

AXIS Harvesting Bulk Mushroom Processing Unit
AXIS Harvesting Bulk Mushroom Processing Unit

AXIS Washer Unit

We are all aware of the importance of sanitation in the growing environment for successful disease free mushroom production. With this in mind, AXIS Harvesting have developed an optional washer system that will give a deep clean to the mushroom holding fingers. The 8 wash cycles vary from 15-40 mins using a multi jet, high pressure, wash head which will both clean and disinfect with little disruption. 

The washer head is easily attached to the end of the harvesting conveyor after harvesting has been completed. With simple water and power connections, one person could control the cleaning and sanitization of the mushroom fingers in your growing room. 

AXIS SCADA Integration

To help increase staff efficiency and traceability of product, at AXIS Harvesting we offer an optional SCADA system. This can be tailored to suit individual farm production requirements and provide data on a real time bases, some benefits are: 

  • The ability to trace staff working time and location in the harvesting environment 
  • Provide unique traceability of each punnet Harvester/Conveyor/Date/Time/Compost data 
  • Full performance analytics 
  • Weights and size of produce being harvested 
  • Quantity of mushrooms harvested i.e. pieces per minute 
  • Full data transfer in real time 

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